Getting the Most From Colored Pencils

Top 10 Colored Pencil Tips

This video will show you ways to get the most out of your colored pencils without getting frustrated. After all, the point of coloring is to relax and have fun.
As mentioned in the video, colored pencil are slower than using markers. But the results can be stunning.
Quality colored pencils and material is fundamentally the best way to improve your colored pencil experience. Below is a few choices to check out on amazon.

  • Tip #1 Quality Supplies
  • Tip #2 Learn How To Hold Pencils To Vary Coloring Pressures
  • Tip #3 Use Sharp Pencils Color in Small Circles, Not Strokes
  • Tip #4 Make Folder of Color Swatches
  • Tip #5 Watch More YouTube Tutorials
  • Tip #6 Color In Comfort (Get Relaxed)
  • Tip #7 Learn How To Shadow
  • Tip #8 Try Using Tools Of The Trade
  • Tip #9 ABC’s Of Coloring
  • Tip #10 No Wrong Way To Color

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